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Our job is to help alleviate stress and allow you to focus on the parts of the business you do best. We’re here to share our knowledge of digital marketing and media, so your business can grow online and prosper to the fullest. We’re armed with a varied team of talented and passionate digital professionals. We are alway ready to serve.


At Newchip, we define a specific, strategic objective for every email campaign we design, taking into consideration the short-term goals and the bigger picture of our overall marketing plan. We establish what success will look like for each individual campaign, and then figure out how we can make that a reality.


We don’t just have one or two advertising experts on site when it’s time to cook up a new ad strategy that will help support all traffic-driving initiatives. An ideal, effective advertisement has two key components. The first is design, and the second is placement. Design is how an online advertisement catches a user’s eye. It’s visually appealing, creative, attention-grabbing, and interesting.


In the digital age, clicks are currency. We’re all about getting the most bang for our clients’ bucks. An investment in one of our Pay Per Click strategies is a sound one — as PPC experts, we use the most dynamic industry-leading tools to land our clients’ brands in competitive positions on the top search engines. By working in conjunction with Google’s AdWords tool and the Yahoo-Bing network, we ensure that consumers searching for specific goods or services will find our clients’ sites.


We want our clients to spend as little as possible and get the highest returns. We want them to be happy, so we guide our clients to make informed decisions about where and how to invest their ad budget based on the metric of “what would we do if it was our money?”


If your website is the face of your company, think of the landing page as that crucial first handshake. In the spirit of an elevator pitch, your landing page is your split-second opportunity to win over a potential customer. As with any digital marketing company, a big part of our job is working our magic behind the scenes to drive as many views to our clients websites as possible.


In highly competitive industries, social media profiles can make or break a business. That’s why we tackle the broad spectrum of social media platforms holistically. We’re always on top of emerging communication platforms, and intimately understand the purposes and nuances of each. We know exactly where our clients’ companies needs to be, and we know how to present our brands in the best possible light. With these successes comes great power and responsibility: a robust social network encircling a brand can become its greatest asset. Pools of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instergram can provide an unparalleled direct pipeline between brands and their target audiences.

We rely on cookies for one of the newest and most cutting-edge ad customization strategies, a tool known as retargeting. Retargeted digital advertising campaigns skyrocket in value compared to traditional banner ad packages. Retargeting doesn’t waste a single impression. Using the data collected by our cookies, retargeting lets us place ads for our clients on almost any website, but only when they’re accessed by a user we know is interested in that brand. It’s a low-impact, instantaneous, and unobtrusive follow-up that keeps our partners on their potential customers’ minds.
It means knowing your audience. It means knowing how to shoot and how to edit. It means knowing how to put an on-camera subject at ease, and how to juggle 20 variables at once until they all line up and produce the best possible result. It’s a big undertaking, but it’s worth it, because we know that investment of time, resources, and talent has a big payoff. When a video looks professional, polished, and well-produced, it develops an air of authority, one of the most valuable weapons in a PR agent’s arsenal.

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