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Computer Hardware Sales & Support Do you want to purchase a system for your company from some place that sells computers or from a computer company that understands and works with businesses like yours? at Newchip we provide hardware solutions that meet your business needs, We build quality machines that uses quality components. We look to build a machine that will be dependable under business use.We also provide maintenance services to help maintaine your devices on a monthly or yearly retainer.


We are focused on working closely with our clients to intimately understand their business strategy and then defining an IT solution to support that strategy. We bring experience, a portfolio of standardized, modular technologies and services, and clear architectural guidelines that help you move forward in evolutionary phases. We work with our clients and share insights, best practices and help you reduce costs by increasing the automation of IT.


Computer and data networks require attention for ongoing maintenance and support. With Newchip Technologies' Networking Services, you can focus your attention on achieving your business objectives and eliminate the need to focus on the daily operations of your company's IT functions.


Good network security is integral to maintaining the integrity of your data and your network. In many cases your sensitive data can cost thousands, even millions of dollars, per breach. At Alliance Technologies, we’re serious about security. We aim to provide a variety of solutions to both big and small clients alike, so you can rest easy knowing that we’ll be able to find the right security solution for your network.


Combining this state-of-the-art hosting facility with our expertise in network management allows you to decide whether you want to manage your applications, servers or websites or if you want us to fully manage them for you.


If your business is looking for a new phone system, Newchip Technologies can help you find it. We provide expertise with different products and can also provide installation, training, and support services to get you up and running and keep the system maintained. Newchip Technologies specializes in all types of phone system, including switches, handsets, conference room phones, and other supplementary products. We provide competitive pricing on all their feature-rich systems. We can find a solution to fit any business size, from the small startup to large, enterprise-level businesses. Our systems offer seamless network integration based on IP architecture, so in most cases they’ll work with your existing data network architecture. And if you need an upgrade, we can help you with that, too. We even offer hosted VoIP services for the businesses that need it. We can find a solution for any size or type of business.


Newchip Technologies provides a full-service Help Desk team to remotely manage and troubleshoot technology related problems for our customers. Our Help Desk team provides efficient, friendly and knowledgeable support for issues related to computers, servers, viruses, email, connectivity and more. Our Help Desk is staffed by experienced technicians trained and certified in the field of IT service management.

Newchip Technologies cloud computing services enable remote delivery and management of IT infrastructure-related services. By combining our expertise in network management and virtualization with a state-of-the-art hosting facility, Newchip Technologies is equipped to change the way businesses receive IT services. Moving your computing infrastructure to the cloud is easy.
Are you prepared if disaster strikes your business? Unforeseen events such as floods, tornadoes, or fires could not only cause downtime to your business, but could also affect your entire network, wiping out access to critical business data and information. Is the information that drives your business at risk? With Newchip Technologies, Disasters Needn’t be Fatal! Newchip Technologies provides expert analysis for comprehensive business continuity planning and implementation. Our experts can help identify areas at risk and develop a solution that will minimize downtime and data loss should an unforeseen disaster occur.

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