Football Highlights: Who wins 2020 FA CUP?ARSENAL VS CHELSEA

The 2020 FA CUP final scheduled for 1st August draws closer as July comes to an end.Many people anticipate this day with lots of predictions being made about it. Who will carry the FA CUP this year?

This bring to our memory the 2017 FA CUP final that was between the same clubs,with Arsenal beating Chelsea with a 2goals to 1 goal (2:0) and automatically won the 2017 FA CUP.

Now the question is ?

  • Will Arsenal win again this season? Is history going to repeat itself?
  • Are Chelsea prepared based on their previous matches this season to win 2020 FA CUP?
  • How should Chelsea line up look like to go home victorious?
  • If you are to be their coach,what will be your strategy?
  • Who takes 2020 FA CUP home?

It is time to predict guys!!! let’s hear your opinion.

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