Throwback Thursday: what is your favourite childhood memories?

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Memories are the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information.It is something remembered from the past.Every adult had been a child at one time in their lives and being a Nigerian makes childhood memories exceptional.These memories brings smile to our lips whenever we remember them.Some of these memories include: -Rolling tyres with sticks on the street. -Playing table or floor soccer with biro/bottle cover. -Drinking iced coloured water tied in nylon as ice-cream. -Playing suwe and in & out center with friends. -Bathing naked under the rain.

Others include:

-Flying kite made with paper and broom sticks

-Drinking water directly from the tap

-Using your feet to build house with sand

-Playing mummy and daddy and mummy had to cook for the house with leaves,sand and milk tins.

-Throwing your milk teeth on the roof with the belief that it is the only way to make you grow another one.

Well,mine was suwe games,i was an expert and i could start playing the game immediately i woke has also landed me in trouble.

Let’s hear what your favourite childhood memory is?

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