About Us

About Us

Newchip Technologies is a ICT, business development and retail company registered with CAC and started operations in 2015 with the aim of providing affordable business development / ICT services and products which includes website and mobile app development, business branding, marketing material printing, business training, digital marketing, system maintenance, gadgets (mobile phones, computers, and many more), software development and training for individuals and organizations in Nigeria and around world.

  • website and mobile app development.
  • Business Branding.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Marketing materials printing.
  • Gadget(Mobile Phones and Computer Sales).
  • Software Development and Training For Individuals and Organisation.


*Office branding, *Brand awareness, *Market activation, *Recruitment and training, *Digital *Marketing, *Business / Marketing material printing, *Business software, *Business consultancy *and many more.


*Website & mobile application development, * Software development, *Digital marketing, *Networking *Computer system repair and maintenance, *Digital Marketing, *Business / Marketing material printing, *Business software, *ICT consultancy *and many more.


*Mobile phones & Tablets * Electronics ( Television, Aircondition, etc ) *Furnitures, Computers *Generators, *Men and women cloths *many more.

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