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Blockchain is a special database that gained popularity because of cryptocurrencies adopting it, especially bitcoin. Blockchain development is used together with cryptocurrencies to implement peer-to-peer (P2P), distributed services. Blockchain’s primary usage is large, public databases that are immutable—in other words, they can’t be tampered with without spending massive amounts of resources.

  • Course Type: Web3
  • REGULAR PRICE: ₦950000
What We Do

Who is this Course for?

This course is for those just starting off in Block Chain Development

Consultants and technology enthusiasts
Functional Managers and Subject Matter Experts
Anyone who wants to plan their career in Blockchain
Anyone who wants to learn Applications of Blockchain
Corporate Executives and Decision makers wanting to understand how Blockchain impacts the business.

Courses Description

Blockchain is said to be the new internet. So how and where do you get the right mix of fundamentals, advanced topics, and technology behind Blockchain? This course on Blockchain will prepare you for a solid foundation from which you can launch your journey in the world of Blockchain.

High Demand for Blockchain 

Blockchain and related jobs have seen a growth of more than 200% year on year. Blockchain is also among the top 5 skills in demand. Companies such as IBM, Mastercard, JP Morgan Chase have started working on Blockchain technology and creating pioneering solutions.

Futuristic Outlook

The adoption of Blockchain is unlocking many new capabilities in the areas of Finance, Supply chain, Manufacturing, Healthcare as well as identity management. It is said that all those applications that can be decentralized using Blockchain technology, will be decentralized. So by going through and learning concepts of Blockchain from this course, you will be ready for any disruption that will be caused.

Complete disruption of ecosystems

Bitcoin is one example of the implementation of Blockchain technology. It completely disrupted the payment ecosystem across the world. All industries are beginning to realize the potential of Blockchain and have started adopting Blockchain technologies in all processes. So when the change comes which is inevitable, you will be ready with the right skills.



  • Great interest in learning Blockchain
  • Basic understanding of the internet
  • Basic understanding of how technology is implemented

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